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Encyclopedia Of Occult Sciences Vol. I Astrology

Серия книг: Encyclopedia Of Occult Sciences #1
Возраст 16+ 89 страниц1 часАнглийскийEPUB9785000647097


It is because his work has been that of popularising and not of creating (according to his account at least) that the author has desired to remain anonymous, and straightway I congratulate him on having so well succeeded with this vade-mecum which the scholar, the woman of the world, the man in the street, the priest and the little maidservant will have on their table, like a dictionary, or a cookery book—a perfect secretary” in fact. The task which I have before me is at once less difficult and more delicate. Although in more than one passage our anonymous author shews originality, expresses his opinion, discusses, and sometimes sums up, nevertheless he asks me to explain beforehand what in fact the occult sciences are, to state their connection with one another, to relate briefly their general history, to try to explain them shortly, and, finally, to shew their usefulness .

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