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The Citadel of Fear

Francis Stevens
Серия книг: Horror and Science Fiction Collection
Возраст 16+ 178 страниц3 часаАнглийскийEPUB9781762387875


The Citadel of Fear by Francis Stevens. It tells the tale of two adventurers, an Irishman and an American, who come upon the lost Aztec city of Tlapallan, in the wilds of Mexico. One is taken over by an evil god while the other falls in love with a woman from Tlapallan. Back in the states, the possessed man begins to use magic to mutate civilians.  
At the home of the Irishman's sister, a rampaging monster trashes the house one night, and that is only the beginning of one incredibly wild ride with many twists and breathtaking surprises. Nightmare creatures, battling Aztec gods and indoor swamps.
Francis Stevens - "the woman who invented dark fantasy"

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Francis Stevens: об авторе

Gertrude Barrows Bennett (September 18, 1884 – February 2, 1948), known by the pseudonym Francis Stevens, was a pioneering author of fantasy and science fiction. Bennett wrote a number of fantasies between 1917 and 1923 and has been called "the woman who invented dark fantasy". Her most famous books include Claimed (which Augustus T. Swift, in a letter to The Argosy called "One of the strangest and most compelling science fantasy novels you will ever read") and the lost world novel The Citadel of Fear. Bennett also wrote an early dystopian novel, The Heads of Cerberus (1919).

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