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Great Expectations

Charles Dickens
Серия книг: Classic bestseller
Возраст 16+ 471 страница8 часовАнглийскийEPUB9781772468588


In Charles Dickens’ classic tale, young Pip embarks on a life-changing odyssey in early 19th-century England. Set against the backdrop of the Industrial Revolution, his innocent dreams of a bright future are ignited by a chance encounter with an escaped convict. Through it all, Dickens expertly weaves a tapestry of dark secrets, betrayal and hope, as Pip rises from his humble beginnings. As he confronts both the challenges of fate, fortune, and his own demons, readers will be left enthralled by Dickens’ mesmerizing storytelling and intricately drawn characters. The outcome of Pip’s journey will leave a lasting impression on the reader, making Great Expectations a timeless piece of literature that remains just as relevant today.

First serialized in All the Year Round from December 1860 to August 1861. The action of the story takes place from Christmas Eve, 1812, when the protagonist is about seven years old, to the winter of 1840.— Excerpted from Great Expectations on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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