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The book of the crossbow

Ralph Payne-Galloway
Возраст 14+ 207 страниц3 часаАнглийскийEPUB9785678757869


One of the most devastating weapons of the Middle Ages, the crossbow probably originated in the Western Roman Empire early in the fourth century, its design perhaps suggested by the balista, an ancient form of catapult. The medieval crossbow fired a twelve-inch bolt (quarrel) capable of piercing all but the strongest armor and is widely credited with helping Richard the Lionhearted defeat the Saracens at the battle of Arfus during the Third Crusade.
     Despite the fact that crossbows were carried by thousands of soldiers in medieval warfare, this book is the only work ever devoted exclusively to this widely used weapon. In addition to detailing the history of the crossbow and its military and sporting uses, the author also deals with an arsenal of related weapons, from the siege engines, balistas and catapults of the ancients to such arms as the Turkish bow and the Chinese repeating crossbow.
     Enhanced with over 200 illustrations, ranging from contemporary battle pictures to scale constructional plans, and replete with scholarly detail and intriguing anecdotes, this classic study will interest historians, medievalists, sportsmen and any student of arms and armor.