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Smoke Bellew

Jack London
Возраст 16+ 218 страниц4 часаАнглийскийEPUB9781773136202


The book tells the story about a young American writer who, so to say, flees from his editor to Alaska with his uncle. The author interests how danger and natural atmosphere of Klondike gradually changes the weak and spoiled big city inhabitant. On the other hand, Smoke Bellew” is far from boring didacticism. It is full of humor, north exotica and adventures, – with what gold-diggers face every day. As a sample of jokes in Smoke Bellew” the chapter of A Flutter in Eggs” can serve. One actress decides revenging to her boyfriend in a pretty strange way. She buys all eggs in a town. What is going to be next? Go and read in a nail-biting Jack London’s novel.

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