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Cosmic symbolism

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We were slow to pick up on Sepharial (Walter Gorn Old, though he almost never used his birth name), 1864 - 1929. As C.E.O. Carter says, he is brilliant at almost everything he touches. Sepharial's writing on numerology remains unsurpassed. Sepharial was more than a mere astrologer. Reading his work it is obvious to me that he had the gift of omniscience, which is the customary result of past life training in Jnana yoga. Omniscience on a human level means that when one studies a subject closely, one is able to understand new things about it, not merely parrot old facts in new dress. This ability often leads to a writing style which is sometimes and to some people frustrating to read. Sepharial will blandly state what he knows to be true. If you know how to read conceptually Sepharial is exciting. If you like your facts cold, Sepharial will leave you stranded.

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