The handbook of the every day gipsy fortunetelling - электронная книгаThe handbook of the every day gipsy fortunetelling  - обложка
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The handbook of the every day gipsy fortunetelling

Jean Shirley
Возраст 16+ 184 страницы3 часаАнглийскийEPUB9781772467383


Discussing the role of fortune-telling in society, Ronald H. Isaacs, an American rabbi and author, opined, Since time immemorial humans have longed to learn that which the future holds for them. Thus, in ancient civilization, and even today with fortune telling as a true profession, humankind continues to be curious about its future, both out of sheer curiosity as well as out of desire to better prepare for it... This complete guide to the mystic arts includes everything from crystal gazing and reading tea leaves to tarot, astrology, divining with precious stones, oracles, and more. Line drawings and dozens of charts provide hours of entertainment and enlightenment.

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