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Practical guideline for ultrasound diagnostic of sturgeon

Yan Merkulov
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Ultrasound diagnostic is a tool that allows to successfully solve problems of not only early sex differentiation but also ongoing monitoring of gonadogenesis process or retrospective analysis, performed in accordance with the results of the bonitation. The materials introduced in this book are the result of many years of research and practical work on identification of sex and sturgeon maturity stages performed by the authors on sturgeon farms in Russia, Georgia, Uzbekistan Azerbaidzhan and other CIS countries using different methods.The guide provides basic principles of ultrasound diagnostic and recommendations for the sturgeon ultrasound diagnostic equipment and workplace arrangements. There is a detailed description of ultrasound diagnostic procedure for identification of sex and maturity stage of sturgeon gonads. There is also a detailed instruction on ultrasound images analysis and description of specific diagnostic features. Annual sexual cycles with various inter-spawn intervals were for the first time analysed specifying the duration of each maturity stage in heat-reserve units. The principles of controlling linear and generative growth of sturgeons contained in replacement and breeding stocks of sturgeon farms had been defined. The Atlas contains more than a hundred illustrations, provided with detailed descriptions and notes which allow even a novice fish farmer to independently learn ultrasound diagnostic of sex and maturity stage of sturgeon gonads. The book is addressed to specialists and chief managers of sturgeon farms, the farmers involved in sturgeon breeding, scientists and students.

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