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Copyright for Dummies. Your guide to copyright in Russia.

Кonstantin Leontyev
В соавторстве: Vladimir Kozyrev
Возраст 16+ 134 страницы2 часаАнглийскийPDF9781773138497


We hope that this book will prove useful for readers who wish to become familiar with the Russian copyright law. It should be especially helpful for businessmen, lawyers, publishers, scholars and general users, whose activity involves dealing with Russian copyright and other legal issues.Russian copyright law has changed dramatically over its 200-year history.  In 1993 it was entirely rewritten, to bring it closer to its counterparts in most European states. Nevertheless, it retains a number of peculiarities. Now, being a part of the Russia’s Civil Code, Part 4, with several amendments made to it, the Copyright legislation has been kept basically intact as it is described in this book. Although the legislative acts are relatively brief, and appear straightforward, Russian copyright law has a number of unpleasant traps for those not completely familiar with its provisions and how they are applied in practice. We believe that this book will help readers to avoid these traps.Also, this book explains how to take legal action against copyright violators, to defend unjustified claims of copyright infringement, to register copyright, to formalize transfer or acquisition agreements, and to resolve other problems that arise in routine practice.

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