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Victoriya Kolokolova
Возраст 16+ 62 страницы1 часАнглийскийEPUB9781773138480


Logline: Forces of evil interfere into the regular life of a young university student. He does not even know that he is the last element through which the evil wants to enslave the world. The last guardian decides to protect him. They have only one goal to survive until morning.This story is based on the myths of ancient Babylon which tells about the great battle of the god Marduk and the goddess of  darkness Tiamat for the right to have the tablets of destiny. The action of the movie takes place in today's New York. The god of darkness Kingu wants to awaken his wife Tiamat from a centuries-old prison in the Underworld Babylon and create the world of darkness in which they will reign. Many centuries ago after the victory over the goddess of darkness Tiamat, Marduk created the first humans from Kingu's blood thus had deprived Kingu of his powers. Marduk imprisoned Kingu in the Underground Babylon dooming him to eternal suffering. Once in a thousand years Kingu has a chance to carry out his plan but for this he must sacrifice the descendant of the first man who was created from his blood during the Baru Priests' ritual. Brandon is a young guy, a university student. He does not even suspect that the blood of the first man created by the gods is flowing in his vein. He is insecure, lonely, shy and modest. He spends all his time studying, due to this other students give him the nickname nerd and four-eyes.Unable to leave the Underworld Babylon, Kingu sends his assistant – troll Dark and his warriors into the world of humanity so that they catch Brandon and bring him to perform the ritual. The last of the guardians, a young girl Dana and her mentor and the trusty guardian’s assistant against the forces of evil Jason defend Brandon. They reveal  the secret to Brandon about his origin and the evil’s intentions. According to the ancient prophecy Brandon and all his family are not only the descendants of the first man, they are also the guardians of the tablets of destiny with the help of which the gods ruled over all the living creatures. On the day of the ritual when the Baru priests form the sacred circle, not only Brandon will be needed by Kingu, but the tablets too. Kingu is going to make records in the tablets thus consolidating his power over all humanity forever. Brandon hardly believes in everything that is happening with him. He has heard neither of his origin nor the tablets of destiny. Dana needs Brandon's help because the tablets are kept inside the house of Brandon's grandfather. The entrance is sealed with a strong spell and only the descendants can come in. Just hours before the ritual Dana with Jason and Brandon go in search of the tablets. Once the tablets are in Brandon’s possession, Kingu’s warriors attack them and Dana cannot protect the tablets nor Brandon. To prevent the destruction of humanity Dana and Jason go to the Underworld Babylon for Brandon and the tablets.When they arrive at the Underworld Babylon Tiamat's spirit possess Dana. Dana tries her best to fight Tiamat, but Tiamat wins. Only Brandon does not give up easily. He is not going to submit to Tiamat and he is trying to reach Dana whose was taken over by Tiamat. For a moment he succeeds and it changes the course of events. Using his guardian of tablets of destiny gift, Brandon destroys Tiamat’s spirit and frees Dana. During the fight Kingu and Jason die. Dana, Brandon and troll Dark survive. However the battle against evil for Dana and Brandon is not finished.   The battle during the ritual allowed Dana to find out that Tiamat and Kingu had not just wished to return to life, they also wanted to return to life the Udug demons. These ancient creatures were created by the goddess. After her death the demons lost  control and inflicted enormous damage to both the human world and the gods' world. On the rights of the destiny judge Marduk by the  means of the tablets expelled the demons hiding their whereabouts from everybody. People saving themselves from evil monsters created seven daggers for each of the demons which are able to kill them.                 During the battle one of the daggers was lost forcing Dana to descend in the Underworld Babylon again and search for it. Dana knows that just one dagger is unable to destroy the demons, but it will be enough to subordinate them. If the dagger falls into the wrong hands there will be big trouble. Without knowing that she is right. While she is just getting ready to go to the Underworld Babylon, Dark finds the dagger first.

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