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William Shakespeare
Серия книг: The World in Pictures
Возраст 16+ 22 страницы0 часовАнглийскийEPUB9781773137797


Illustrated digital edition of a Shakespearean tragedy prepared in accordance with the principles of The World in Pictures project, providing a complete set of illustrations, among them 27 illustrations by outstanding painters, with a comprehensive rendering of the plot.Texts by Charles and Mery Lamb used in this publication.Works of the following artists are used in this publication: Jacob de Wet II, T. Chassériau, J. Wootton, J. Martin, F. von Lenbach, G. Cattermole, R. Smirke, G. Cattermole, J. de Critz the Elder, J. Downman, T. Sully, H. Fuseli, J. W. Abbott, G. Romney, G. von Max, М. Ritz.