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Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

William Shakespeare
Серия книг: The World in Pictures
Возраст 16+ 27 страниц0 часовАнглийскийEPUB9781773137780


Illustrated digital edition of a Shakespearean tragedy prepared in accordance with the principles of The World in Pictures project, providing a complete set of illustrations, among them 25 illustrations by outstanding painters, with a comprehensive rendering of the plot.Texts by Charles and Mery Lamb used in this publication.Works of the following artists are used in this publication: E. Delacroix, F. Dicksee, H. Fuseli, W. H. Hunt, P. A. Cot, А. Bouchele, W. Czachórski, D. Maclise, R. Dadd, J.- G. Vibert, B. West, J. E. Millais, P. Dagnan-Bouveret, К. Smith, A. Cabanel, S. Sánchez Barbudo, G. Moreau.